Allegheny County Administrative and Info Mgmt Services

Allegheny County Administrative and Info Mgmt Services

The Allegheny County Office of Administrative and Information Management Services located in Pittsburgh, PA  provides administrative and information technology support for DHS.

Allegheny County Administrative Services supports all levels of service to the taxpayers of Allegheny County. Although we oversee a vast array of operations, our goal is to sustain a high level of performance for all divisions of the department.

We provide Allegheny County taxpayers with a vast range of services, including services to enhance daily county operations in terms of computer support, mailing, printing and photography services, purchasing and document storage.

Our department is also responsible for telecommunications and property assessments - as well as services for military veterans. In addition, we oversee the election process to ensure that all government laws and requirements are upheld.  


436 Grant Street, Room 202
County Courthouse
Pittsburgh, PA, 15219-2495

Fax: 412-350-4925

Hours of Service:

Mon-Fri:  8:00am-5:00pm