EMS-Pittsburgh PA EMS (non-emergency)

EMS-Pittsburgh PA EMS (non-emergency)

The Pittsburgh Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is dedicated to the reduction of morbidity and mortality of residents and visitors through the provision of Advanced Life Support prehospital care, medically directed Technical Rescue and transportation of the ill and injured.

As paramedics our profession demands that we overcome uncertainty in the course of saving lives. If the patient is unable to provide us with information about themselves or their ailments, it impedes our efforts and wastes valuable, life saving time. By participating in our Envelope of LIFE program, this allows everyone, at any age, to eliminate these uncertainties.

Emergencies:  Please dial 911

Ambulance Division

The Ambulance Division is responsible for providing the finest prehospital emergency medical care to the sick and injured citizens and guests of the 88 neighborhoods in the City of Pittsburgh.

Rescue Division
In the summer of 1977, the Pittsburgh Bureau of Emergency Medical Services created the Rescue Division to enhance the delivery of medically directed technical, tactical and heavy rescue.

Special Operations Division
When the stadiums, parks and neighborhood attractions of Pittsburgh draw in a large crowd, Pittsburgh EMS is standing by ready to provide onsite emergency medical care to the citizens and visitors of our great City. Pittsburgh EMS is dedicated to serving the needs of the public and makes its personnel available and prepared at each one of these events with array of equipment should any problems present themselves.

Training Division
City of Pittsburgh Paramedics are certified through the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Many of our Paramedics have also obtained certification through the National Registry of EMTs, gaining them certification as a Nationally Registered Paramedic.

Emergencies:  Please dial 911


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