Sunflower Art Studios - Stonewave Yoga

Art Classes & Yoga at Sunflower Art Studios in Gardiner, NY
Art Classes & Yoga at Sunflower Art Studios in Gardiner, NY

Stonewave Yoga & Sunflower Art Studios located at 2694 Route 44-55 in Gardiner, NY is a community based art studio and yoga & wellness center that features art classes for children and adults, community yoga - and other creative experiences, projects and classes all designed to bring an awareness to the arts on a local community level.

Sunflower Art Studios & Stonewave Yoga promotes community enrichment with local art, yoga and wellness for all!

Stonewave Yoga - At Stone Wave Yoga in Gardiner, NY they are focused on creating an environment that "zeros in" on the mind-body-spirit connection. 

Yoga strengthens your body and helps manage stress, and improve self awareness and self-image. Yoga at Stone Wave is community based and focuses on bringing accessibility and opportunity to residents of Gardiner, New Paltz, Wallkill and the Mid-Hudson Valley.

The philosophy of Stone Wave Yoga is inspired by nature, and they strongly believe that - like stone, people seek strength and stability; and yet - like a breaking wave, we must remain agile and flexible - allowing for deeper growth and openness to beautiful change.


Sunflower Art Studios - Established in 2016, Sunflower Art Studios is a community creative space committed to bringing visibility to the arts in Gardiner, New Paltz and surrounding Mid-Hudson Valley communities.

At Sunflower Art Studios in Gardiner, they seek to create art experiences for the community, and collaborate with a broad scope of local artisans in an effort to enrich the community through an awareness of the arts.

More importantly, Sunflower Art Studios provides art classes for children and adults while offering other creative experiences and classes throughout the year; from community yoga, gallery nights and the Sunflower Festival


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Stonewave Yoga Classes & Workshops:

  • Beginner Friendly Yoga Classes
  • Intermediate to Advanced Yoga Classes
  • Fitness & Wellness Classes and Instruction
  • Family Yoga Classes
  • Therapeutic Yoga Therapy Classes
  • Private & Group Yoga Instruction and Classes
  • Pilates
  • Kids Yoga
  • Baby & Me Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga Classes
  • Stretch & Breathe Yoga Dynamics
  • Sound Healing Classes
  • Music & Movement Classes
  • Workshops, Training & Retreats
  • Space Rental Available For Private Use

‚ÄčSunflower Art Studio:

  • Sunflower Art Festival - To learn more:
  • Creative Kids Children's Art Classes - Affordable fun classes for kids after school and on weekends, also available for personal parties, birthday parties, churches, Girl Scouts, just for fun and more!
  • Community Connect - our monthly 'Sippin' Creative' paint classes, or you can also plan your own customized themed paint class. Sunflower Art Studios will also be hosting several pop-up shops to help bring visibility to local artisans and encourage visitors to buy local.
  • Share Creative at Sunflower Art Studios - At Sunflower Art Studios they have two spaces for rent; hourly and day rates available, Both are perfect for art classes, special projects and small yoga classes. Restroom and small kitchenette included. Great for small groups (8 to 10).  
  • Community Yoga - Small Groups, Calming Atmosphere, Caring Instruction. All classes are 1 hour, mats, blocks and blankets available for usage. The style of yoga is Vinyasa. Classes are open to all levels, from beginners to advanced students.