Pittsburgh Public School Online Academy

Pittsburgh Public School Online Academy

Pittsburgh Public School Online Academy is located at 93 S 10th Street, Pittsburgh PA 15203.  (Pittsburgh's Local Communities)

"If you are a City of Pittsburgh resident and currently have a child enrolled in an online cyber or charter school in grades 4-12, we want you to come back to the Pittsburgh Public Schools and attend our new Online Academy." - Dr. Linda S. Lane, Superintendent
Reasons Pittsburgh Online Academy is the Best Choice for an Online Education:
*Students earn a Pittsburgh Public Schools diploma and graduate with classmates
*A high-quality, district-aligned curriculum is provided--tuition free
*High expectations are placed on each student & focused, live support is provided to help each student succeed
*Students have full access to District resources and facilities, including guidance counselors, libraries and athletic facilities
*Students have the opportunity to visit Pittsburgh Online Academy's drop-in center Monday through Friday from 8:00 am-3:00 pm in order to receive live teacher support
*Students may join District-sponsored extracurricular music and theater groups, special interest clubs and sports teams.


93 S 10th Street
Pittsburgh, PA, 15203


Fax: 412-894-2500