About Us

ReadyLink has created this Link to all of the Important and Critical Telephone Numbers for your town, including businesses that provide services and products to your community. If you are in need of an important number outside of your local community simply click on that Town name and you will be able to easily access the information you will need.


This Website is also a resource that will Link you to all of the Important Phone Numbers for your County, State and US Government agencies including Utility Companies, Schools and Transportation that you will need on a daily basis.

Simply click on your Town, Township or Borough and you will have all of the Important/Critical numbers you will ever need in one spot.

Need more information such as the location, hours, fax number, e mail address or website for the organization, school or business you are looking for? Simply click on the name and you will be automatically be taken to a detail page giving you the information you need or website link.

Has your power ever went out in your home and you need to contact the utility company, you needed to call the post office, contact your child's school or call the police and didn't want to dial 911? How about contacting your local pharmacy to order a prescription, set up a doctors appointment, or call you're a plumber but couldn't locate the numbers? Now you have all of these numbers, businesses and addresses all in one place.

If you would like a telephone number, organization or business added to our Website simply send us an e mail from the Contact Us Link found on the footer of any page on this Website. We update our data base frequently and would be glad to add it if appropriate.

If you have a recommendation that will make our Website easier to use simply fill out our Feedback Form in the Contact Us section of this Website and send it to us. Our goal is to provide you with a resource that is convenient and easy to use.

Our Mission is to provide a Convenient Resource to the community that is Easy to Use, Easy to Navigate and Easy to View.

We hope you enjoy using our Website.