NY Authorities Budget Office

NY Authorities Budget Office

The New York Authorities Budget office is located in Albany NY. 

The powers and duties of the ABO include, but are not limited to:

Overseeing the operations and finances of public authorities to assure they are acting in the public interest and consistent with their intended public purpose.

Collecting, analyzing and disseminating organizational, operational, performance and financial information on public authorities for the purpose of making this information available to the public.

Evaluating the compliance of public authorities with their mission statements and the laws of New York State and advising and guiding public authorities concerning their compliance.

Making recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature on debt, compensation, procurement practices, property transactions, structure and mission, and other issues related to improving the performance and transparency of public authorities.

Promulgating regulations to carry out the purposes for which the ABO was created.

Enforcing compliance with statutory requirements, including publicly warning and censuring authorities for non-compliance and recommending the dismissal of officers and directors.

Investigating and acting on complaints concerning the failure of a public authority to comply with State law.

Issuing reports of its activities, findings, analysis and recommendations.


PO Box 2076
Albany, NY, 12220

Fax: 518-408-1326