NY Department of Transportation

NY Department of Transportation


It is the mission of the New York State Department of Transportation to ensure our customers - those who live, work and travel in New York State -- have a safe, efficient, balanced and environmentally sound transportation system.

Five Priority Results

Our customers:

Want to enhance their mobility and have reliable, predictable trips for themselves or in the movement of their goods;

Expect both the infrastructure and its users to contribute to the physical safety of people and their goods while in transit;

Recognize the critical relationship between a mature, multi-modal transportation system and the state's economic vitality. They see viable transportation options as essential to both economic sustainability and livability of their communities, both Upstate and Downstate;

Expect the transportation infrastructure to be secure from external threat or potential abuse; and

See the impact of transportation-related decisions at both macro and micro levels affecting the environment and expect the system to more than mitigate transportation's impact.



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