Lok Box Mobile Storage

Portable Storage Units in Lancaster, PA-Lok Box Mobile Storage

LokBox Mobile Storage is an on-site portable storage units and moving service in Lancaster, PA. We offer a secure and accessible alternative to the conventional self-storage facility by delivering a spacious, weatherproof storage container directly to your home, business, job-site or event. The storage container is conveniently located on your property allowing you 24/7 access. Our mobile storage units are available in two sizes: 8'x12' or 8'x16'.

Emergency Situations

Lok Box Mobile Portable Storage Units provide Homeowners, Businesses and Commercial Industries the perfect place to store, move or relocation records, household goods or inventory during a flood, fire or crisis.

Restoration Companies

Lok Box Mobile Portable Mobile Units will give you immediate space and flexibility for you and your clients as soon as an emergency occurs.

Personal Storage

Lok Box Moblie Portable Mobile Storage Units provide homeowners and renters with emergency storage units to both move and store their belongings. In transition between moves Lok Box Mobile Portable Storage are ideal.

Supermarkets, Convenience Stores and Restaurants

Lok Box Mobile Portable Storage Units will enable you to move inventory between locations and increase inventory efficiency.

Construction Companies

Lok Box Mobile Portable Storage Units can support building and construction projects with flexible jobsite storage solutions.

Business Relocation

Lok Box Mobile Portable storage Units can reduce business and commercial storage claims and cost.

Schools and Colleges

Lok Box Mobile Portable Storage Units can increase classroom size and are ideal for classroom renovations.

Hospitals and Healthcare

Lock Box Mobile Portable Storage Units will help manage medical records inventory and patient space

Stores and Retail Establishments

Lok Box Mobile Portable Storage Units will help you manage inventory and provide extra space when needed.


Convenient, reliable, safe, dry and accessible mobile storage. LokBox is the affordable alternative to conventional self-storage units.

Let us help you meet your storage needs...Whether you are in need of a temporary storage unit that stays on your property, or an efficient way to move your belongings from one location to the next, the staff at LokBox will work with you to achieve a cost-effective solution. LokBox offers security and protection for your belongings while they are being packed, stored or moved. Our mobile containers, available in 8' x 12' and 8' x 16', can be conveniently delivered to your home, business, job-site or event. The mobile storage container allows you to work at your own pace, and on your own schedule, as you pack and unpack your belongings. The portable container is yours for as long as you need it at a reasonable monthly rate. Simply click this link, place your order online, to complete the online form for your quote today.

LokBox offers a secure and accessible alternative to conventional self-storage units, because we deliver the spacious, weatherproof storage container directly to you. No need to pack your items onto a truck, drive them to a self-storage facility and then unload; your mobile storage container is conveniently located on your property, available for you to access 24/7.

The storage possibilities are limitless with LokBox:

  •     Remodelers, builders and subcontractors use the container as a safe onsite storage facility for their tools and materials;
  •     Homeowners and commercial property owners rent temporary mobile storage during renovations;
  •     Businesses with limited indoor space, such as retail stores, place mobile containers on their property for safe and convenient storage of extra inventory;
  •     Temporary storage space for a new employee's belongings during a relocation;
  •     Schools utilize for storage of sports equipment, band instruments, furniture and more.

Unlike other mobile storage solutions, LokBox containers are made of wood, not metal, and are built in Lancaster County, PA by some of the finest craftsmen. A LokBox storage unit  is solid, strong and built to withstand the harshest weather. Your belongings will be safe, secure and dry while stored inside a LokBox. Each container has tie down rings for extra security of your items.


Why LokBox Mobile Storage?

It allows you the flexibility and convenience to load your belongings at your site and on your schedule.

How long does it take to deliver? 

In most cases, we can schedule a delivery within 48 hours.

How long can I keep my LokBox?

As long as you need; you pay by the month not by the day.

Can I have it delivered to another site?

Yes. Not only do we deliver to your residence but we can deliver to a business, a construction site, or an event site.

Do I need to use my own lock?

Yes, you will need to provide your own lock to keep your container secure.

Are there tie down rings to help secure my items?


Where will the container be stored at my location, does it have to go on my driveway?

Our containers do not need to be stored on your driveway. Our trucks can generally place the mobile storage container on any flat, weight bearing surface.

I don't have a driveway, will I need a permit to put a LokBox mobile storage container in front of my house?

In most cases, you do not need a permit to have a LokBox container held in front of your home. However, you should consult your city or town hall for the local regulations.

Must I be home when you deliver my LokBox container?

Delivery can be made if you are not available; however, be sure to provide specific delivery instructions at the time you place your order. It is recommended you visit our website prior to delivery to review and accept the terms and conditions of our customer rental agreement. If you are unable to do so, a copy of all applicable paperwork will be left for you inside the container.

Will my belongings be safe?

Yes. A LokBox is solid, strong and built to withstand the harshest weather. Your belongings will be safe, secure and dry while stored inside a LokBox. Our loading mechanism keeps your container level when being picked up and delivered for transport; minimizing shifting and damage to your belongings. For added protection, we also recommend content insurance through your homeowner insurance provider.

What CAN'T be placed inside a LokBox container?

LokBox containers were designed with you in mind and are suitable to hold almost all of your belongings. Our containers are not suitable for storing heirlooms or precious, invaluable or irreplaceable items such as fine works of art, photographs, antiques, books, records, writings or any other objects which no immediate resale market exists. Legal documents, bank notes, personal records, passports, jewelry, furs, firearms, precious gems, computer software or programs, media or computer data contained on hard disks or drives. No motor vehicles, engines or trailers. No property not owned by the tenant or for which the tenant is not legally liable. HUMAN OR ANIMAL HABITATION IS SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITED.