Manheim Twp Code Compliance Department

Manheim Twp Code Compliance Department

The Manheim Township Code Compliance Department is located in Lancaster PA.

Ph: (717) 569-6406 ext. 6 The Pennsylvania First Class Township Code (Section 1502) establishes the legal authority for the Township Board of Commissioners to adopt ordinances that specify the general or specific powers which the Township may exercise to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens.  The Code Compliance Department is the agency responsible for monitoring activity and enforcing violations of ordinances related to building construction, fire protection, property and structure maintenance, burning and certain other public nuisances.  Infractions of Township ordinances are enforced by the department to ensure the expected quality of life, health and safety in Manheim Township.


1840 Municipal Drive
Lancaster, PA, 17601

Fax: 717-560-4183