Bright Beginnings

Preschool, Child Care, Day Care in New Paltz, NY-Bright Beginnings
Preschool, Child Care, Day Care in New Paltz, NY-Bright Beginnings

Bright Beginnings of New Paltz is a NY State licensed daycare center in New Paltz featuring children's daycare, nursery school, preschool, before and after school child care and children's daycare services to families in Gardiner, New Paltz, Modena, Plattekill and the local surrounding area. Looking for a great Summer experience? Bright Beginnings has a Summer childcare and Summer camp program.   

Bright Beginnings Preschool is a NY state licensed day care provider and adheres to strict health, fire, safety, and staffing codes put forth by the Dept. of Social Services to insure the well-being of your children.

Bright Beginnings programs feature an academic and arts enriched curriculum, and in their exceptional early childhood education program they teach through monthly themes - incorporating literature, art, music, theatre, and dance into their lessons daily to enhance and enrich their young students’ learning experience.

At Bright Beginnings their caring, professional, and highly trained professional staff are dedicated to developing each child’s talents and potential and instilling a lifelong love of learning.

More importantly, At Bright Beginnings in New Paltz you will find the best of early childhood situations - a preschool learning environment with a N.YS. certified teacher and a developmentally appropriate program, combined with a nurturing, close-knit family atmosphere.

Their curriculum provides for the physical, intellectual, creative emotional, and social growth essential to the healthy development of young children.


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  • NY State Certified Teachers
  • Reasonable Rates
  • Outstanding Academic & Arts Enriched Early Childhood Program
  • Arts From The Start - dance, theater and music
  • Two Annual Pre-K Plays
  • Cooking
  • Spanish
  • Sign Language
  • Computers



This program provides lots of fun and social interaction in an educational setting within a loving, safe, and secure environment. Children will learn social skills such as sharing and taking turns. They will do activities which will promote growth of small motor skills(eating with utensils, using a cup, coloring, painting, and eventually writing) and large motor skills(running, jumping, skipping,  kicking and catching a ball, etc.). Academically, these young children will experience vocabulary development, learn colors and shapes, how to count to 10, recognize their written name, and much more. They will make friends, sing, dance, laugh, and learn!

This outstanding preschool program is open from 6:30AM to 6:30PM for those families needing full day child care. It is also available as a half day program running from 9AM to 1PM for parents who do not need daycare but are seeking an excellent early childhood education program in which to place their child for socialization and preparation for Kindergarten. This program includes: 

  • NYS certified teachers
  • Academic and arts enriched curriculum
  • Themes taught using music, art, cooking, educational games, literature, and drama
  • Two preschool play performances each year
  • Computer program
  • Field trips
  • Free nutritious hot lunch & snacks daily  


This program is quality school-aged child care at it's very best. Certified teachers and college education majors for homework help Arts & crafts Computer program Games Large, fully-equipped outdoor playground Bus pick-up/drop-off for New Paltz schools Open school holidays & vacations, snow days, & delays  Flexible scheduling Sibling discount


Bright Beginnings "Multi-Cultural Summer Camp" is more than just babysitting or recreation. It is a fun, stimulating, and educational exploration of our world. Each week, children will learn about a different country and it's people through that culture's art, music, theatre, games, literature, and food. This program also includes twice-weekly swimming lessons and free swim time at Ulster County Pool as well as weekly field trips for fun and entertainment. A child may sign up for as little as a week or for the entire Summer and from 2 to 5 days per week 

Special programs all included at no extra charge such as computer tutoring, active music play, cooking, Spanish, dance, sign language, preschool play production, and reading club. Check out "Spotlight on Specials" to learn more about these exciting classes.