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HVAC & Heat Pump Systems in New Paltz, NY-Rycor Heating & Cooling
HVAC & Heat Pump Systems in New Paltz, NY-Rycor Heating & Cooling

Rycor Heating & Cooling located at 135 N. Chestnut Street in New Paltz, NY specializes in ductless mini split heating & cooling heat pumps systems. Ductless mini split systems are absolutely silent, and provide cost efficient total comfort; typically cutting 50% off of your heating and cooling bills. Rycor is family owned & operated, and handles all phases of sales, service & installation of their ductless mini split systems. 

Rycor Heating & Cooling installs and services ductless mini split heat pump systems to their customers in New Paltz, Gardiner, Stone Ridge, High Falls, Rosendale, Kingston, Wallkill, Pine Bush and surrounding Ulster County, NY communities in the beautiful Hudson Valley, NY area.  

Advantages of of the Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split Sytem Link:


Advantages of the Mitsubishi Ductless Mini Split

Advantages of mini-splits are their size and flexibility for zoning or heating and individually cooling rooms. With every zone having a thermostat, you only need to condition the space occupied, saving energy and money.

Since mini-splits have no ducts, they avoid the energy losses associated with ductwork. Duct losses account for more than 30% of energy consumption for space conditioning, especially when the ducts are in the attic, where temperatures and conditions drastically change. Another benefit to the ductless mini-split system is safety. A small hole in the wall makes it an impossible entry point for an intruder, unlike through-the-wall and window-mounted room air-conditioners.

At Rycor HVAC Heating & Cooling, their heating and cooling systems feature advanced technologies that allow you to enjoy more precise comfort and healthier air in one room or your whole home - while saving on your energy bills and contributing to a greener planet.

Why pay to cool and heat your home all year long when you only live in a few rooms at a time?! With ducted forced air systems, this is a common problem.

You can count on Rycor in New Paltz to provide the perfect solution to your heating and cooling problems with their custom ductless mini split systems. Here's how they do it...

  • No new ductwork is required, so installation is quick and easy, and doesn't require messy and often complicated renovations.
  • There are options for single rooms, multiple rooms or your entire home.
  • Indoor units can be installed anywhere in the room - on the ceiling, wall or floor.
  • Outdoor units come in a wide variety of capacities and are compact, easy to install and blend in easily & unobtrusively around your home.
  • Wireless control units sense the temperature throughout the room and make the necessary automatic adjustments.
  • Filter Maintenance & Cleaning can be done in a matter of minutes and with regular cleaning, filters can last up to 10 years. 

Rycor Heating & Cooling in New Paltz - Call the ductless mini split heat pump system experts in Ulster County, NY today for a free estimate. Special rebates are currently available!


At Rycor Heating & Cooling, their "number one first priority" is to develop long & lasting relationships with their customers built on integrity, trust, and quality craftsmanship, and Rycor always strives to create cost-effective comfort solutions - that benefit both our clients and our environment!


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The 'Mitsubishi Heat Pump' with its advanced technology and functioning, is the perfect heating and cooling system. Its dual functionality in all seasons makes it an efficient and effective substitute for your traditional gas heating systems and fireplaces. The 'Mitsubishi Heat Pump' features many benefits that keep you cozy, your home comfortable, and your environment clean and green. 

Unlike all other traditional heaters, including wood burning, the heat pump doesn't burn anything to keep you warm. That means there is no release of carbon emissions in the form of soot, smoke, and fumes, which can deteriorate the environment's air.

More importantly, the 'Mitsubishi Heat Pump' is the perfect heating and cooling device that meets and exceeds all your heating and cooling needs. With its advanced technology, it keeps you safe and comfortable. Because it uses less energy and does not produce any new heat makes it the best product for your environment. Furthermore, the Ductless Mini-Split has an advanced filtration system, making the surrounding air clean and fresh by filtering out pollutants. 


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With a Ductless Mini-Split, you will save 50% off your heating and cooling bill. You will also no longer need to burn resources as the Ductless Mini-Split recycles energy. This means that not only do you save money, you'll also be helping the environment!


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