Allegheny County Department of Real Estate

Allegheny County Department of Real Estate

Allegheny County Department of Real Estate

Real Estate Records and Property Assessments
Find property records, real estate tax assessment information and everything you need to know about properties in Allegheny County.

Real Estate Functions
Record documents such as deeds, mortgages, plans, military discharges and others.
Curate a repository for all recorded documents and provide access to public.
Maintain ownership and mapping records for all properties in the county.
Collect and distribute the realty transfer tax.
Sanction of Notary Public Commission.

Property Assessments Functions
Deliver uniform base year assessments for real property.
Maintain accurate property description records on the 576,000 parcels in Allegheny County.
Administer abatements and exemptions for real property.
Coordinate property appeals in conjunction with the Board of Property Assessments Appeals & Review.
Identify and assess real estate changes resulting from building permits.
Process interim assessment requests on behalf of taxing bodies.
Provide access to all real property record cards to public.

Board of Property Assessments and Appeals Review (BPAAR)
The BPAAR hears all real property assessment appeals in Allegheny County.

Our Mission
The Offices of Property Assessment and Real Estate strive to best serve the public and taxing authorities of Allegheny County in numerous ways. Our goals are to continually improve accuracy and efficiency in assessment and records management for the benefit of our constituents.


542 Forbes Avenue, Room 347
Allegheny County Office Building
Pittsburgh, PA, 15219

Fax: 412-350-6084

Hours of Service:

Monday thru Friday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm