Ulster County Board of Elections

Ulster County Board of Elections

The Board of Elections provides forms for voter registration, enrollment changes, and transfer of voters' registration. Upon registration, individuals are able to vote in all elections including general, primary (if enrolled), school, fire district, library, and village elections.

The Board supplies post offices and libraries with registration forms to make registration more accessible to the public. It also makes absentee ballots available to voters who are unable to get to the polling places because of disability, military, school, business, travel, or other reasons. Furthermore, it provides registered voters with ID cards.

The Board maintains pertinent information regarding all phases of the election process, financial disclosure process, relevant dates, and New York State election law.


284 Wall Street
Kingston, NY, 12401

Fax: 845-334-5434

Hours of Service:

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mon-Fri