Ulster County Department of Public Works

Ulster County Department of Public Works

Mission Statement of the Ulster County Department of Public Works
For an organization, public or private, to be successful, it must clearly understand its purpose, its objectives, and what should be the vision of each member of the organization. These are the elements of the mission statement and a bench mark for success or failure for the Ulster County Department of Public Works.

To plan, prioritize, construct, operate, maintain, and improve public infrastructure and facilities and respond to emergencies. To provide continuous health and safety while positively impacting the citizens’, businesses and visitors quality of life in Ulster County. And to efficiently and innovatively maximize available resources within the County so that we provide high quality services for the public.


To face each task with pride in being an essential member of an organization dedicated to service;
To constantly seek ways to improve the level and quality of service and to continuously strive for self-improvement through training opportunities and communication with others;
To view each encounter with the public as an opportunity to demonstrate the purpose of the department in a positive manner;
To support and enhance a high quality of life for the residents, businesses and visitors by providing well planned, environmentally sensitive, cost effective infrastructure and services to promote public health, personal safety, transportation and economic growth.

To accomplish the purpose and objectives of the department in such a manner that the citizens of Ulster County and professional peers view the department as a model for providing the highest quality of customer service.

Highways and Bridges Division
John Kouhout, Highways & Bridges Field Operations Manager
317 Shamrock Lane
Kingston, New York 12401
Phone: 845-340-3100
Fax: 845-340-3113
Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Mon-Fri

Highway and Bridge related complaints/trouble reports: 845-340-3102

Driveway and roadside work permits: 845-340-3120 or 845-340-3119

Ulster County road maps: 845-340-3100

Link: Stormwater Management Program

The Highways and Bridges Division is responsible for maintaining the structural integrity and safe traveling conditions of county owned roads within Ulster County and many bridges, including the right-of-ways associated with each. It also maintains roads and parking lots that are the property of the County and utilized by other County departments. The work ranges from sweeping and plowing road and bridge surfaces, to complete reconstruction of both roads and bridges. The division maintains its own fleet of light and heavy equipment and the personnel to operate and repair it. Due to the size of the County, and traveling time involved in traversing it, the department maintains ten substations with small crews and limited equipment to ensure the most economical road maintenance throughout the County.

Meetings with the Commissioner or with section supervisors require an appointment.  Offices are located on the first floor of the Resnick Building.  Maps are available at this location only.

Fees for Services: There is a charge of $5.50 for all maps.

Method of Payment: Cash or check payable to the Ulster County Treasurer.

Buildings and Grounds Division
Brian Cunningham, Buildings and Grounds Administrative Manager
313 Shamrock Lane
Kingston, NY 12401
Phone: 845-340-3300
Fax: 845-340-3115
Office Hours: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM Mon-Fri

The Buildings and Grounds Division administrates the County fairgrounds and parks; maintains County buildings and manages leased properties; manages all County renovations, alterations and new construction projects; provides emergency response to all alarm systems in County buildings. The division is comprised of four sub-divisions: Buildings Maintenance and Custodial Management, Projects Management, Land and Lease Management, and Electronic Security.  Offices are located on the ground level of the Resnick Building.


315 Shamrock Lane
Kingston, NY, 12401

Fax: 845-340-3113

Hours of Service:

8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Mon-Fri