Ulster County Public Defenders Office

Ulster County Public Defenders Office

The Public Defender's Office provides legal representation to indigent clients in the criminal courts and Family Court in Ulster County. It also provides representation at the Appellate level for criminal and family court cases.

Eligibility: In order to qualify for services, clients must fill out financial affidavits in each court. The judge in that court reviews the affidavit and, based on federal guidelines, recommends or denies assignment of the Public Defender.

Public Defenders are assigned to certain courts and only work in those courts. Clients must accept services of that Defender in order to receive representation.

The Public Defender's Office also provides the following services:

Defender Based Advocate
Phone: 845-340-3234
Works with clients on alternative sentencing.

Phone: 845-340-3233
Serves subpoenas for the Public Defender and assigned counsel clients. Also conducts in-depth investigations.

Fees for Services: Public Defender services are free to indigent clients unless a judge orders repayment to Ulster County by client.


18 Lucas Avenue
Kingston, NY, 12401

Fax: 845-340-3744