Ulster County Real Property Tax Service Agency

Ulster County Real Property Tax Service Agency

The Ulster County Real Property Tax Service Agency is a statutory agency that exists to provide services that assist local government officials to achieve and maintain equitable assessment administration. We provide the resources and expertise to accomplish this function. The goal of equitable assessment administration is to provide a sound, reliable, fair, and easily understood foundation for the determination of the real property tax.

In addition to assisting towns in reassessment projects our agency is responsible for maintaining tax maps for the county. These maps are currently maintained on a digital format. These tax maps are supplied to the towns on a yearly basis.

The Real Property Tax Service Agency verifies planning board approval and proper tax map numbering per new subdivision maps, along with 911 street name approval according to the following rate scale:

Two and three lots $ 25.00
Four through nine lots $ 50.00
Ten or more lots $100.00
Tax map copies are made for a fee of $9.00 full size and $6.00 half size. The fee for data in digital format is $25.00 per town and $10.00 per diskette.
Method of Payment: Fees are payable by check, cash, or voucher.

The Real Property Tax Service Agency supplies the assessors and the public with exemption forms and information on all exemptions. We also assist the public with deed and assessment information.

We currently assist the County Commissioner of Finance with the public auction of delinquent properties. Some of the functions we provide are posting of properties, taking pictures of structures, notifying contiguous owners when a tax sale parcel will be available to them to purchase at the public auction. We set price ranges for those properties not sold at the auction.


244 Fair Street
County Office Building, 4th Floor
Kingston, NY, 12401

Fax: 845-340-3499

Hours of Service:

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Mon-Fri