Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts is a pet grooming salon in Middletown, PA.
Animal Instincts is a pet grooming salon in Middletown, PA.

Searching for a Pet Grooming Salon, Dog Groomer or Cat Groomer in Middletown, Steelton, Highspire and surrounding communities? Check-out Animal Instincts Pet Salon conveniently located at 2285 W. Harrisburg Pike in Middletown, PA.  At Animal Instincts, they care mostly about the care of all of their babies.  They aim to be one of your pets' best buddies - right up there with your vet

They will not only be your dog groomer or cat groomer, but your friend.   They will treat your baby as their own, looking out for his or her best interest, doing whatever it takes to keep them clean, fresh, happy and healthy.T

Professional groomers Cindy, Kim and Jeanette, Both are ready to serve you and your four-legged friends! If you want Pet Grooming including Dog Grooming and Cat Grooming – give them a call. You'll be glad you did!

At Animal Instincts they have clients in Pennsylvania from Middletown, Highspire, Steelton, Hummelstown, Hershey, Harrisburg, Enola, Elizabethtown, Colonial Park, Palmyra, and a couple that actually came all the way here from our other location, in Frederick, Maryland!  Those clients have their choice of groomer, and they chose Animal Instincts!    

That's because they care, "they will work hard to accommodate you and gain your trust... and...They pamper all of their friends - furry or not!"

Animal Instincts offers dog licensing for Dauphin County residents.


... where pets are pampered ...

One of these services is the foundation to your pets coat and skin health, and we will help you determine their needs. Each bath includes a gentle, relaxing massage.


Sometimes, you just need a bath and a scrub behind the ears!  Well, in the ears...   Our BASICS will do just that, using a  premium, all-natural shampoo and conditioner. We'll also do ear cleaning, touch-up of feet, pads, and nails, sanitary trim, blow dry, and a quickie brushing. Great for between regular haircuts, and short-hair dogs.


Starts with the Basics...adds minimal scissoring, clipping, and blending into your favorite style. This is for pets who are regularly groomed, with coats in good condition.


Extra nail work, dematting, thinning, brushing, clipping, shaving, and/or scissoring.  For pets whose coat, ears, and nails need extra special care. Some of these dogs may not be regularly groomed, and can be difficult to work with. This is also for shaving pets with hair not meant for shaving, such as labs, goldies, and rottweilers.

Ala Carte Services

In between regular groomings, your pet may need one of our a la carte services, just to stay neat, fresh and sweet-smelling!

Remember!  If you are one of our regular customers, we'll adjust the prices for you.


  • Nail Trimming/Grinding @ $12
  • Ear Cleaning @ $10
  • Teeth Brushing @ $10
  • Combine  ANY TWO services @ $16


  • Cat Nails @ $15.00

“Watch our window banners for events and specials!”


When your babies stay with us -  whether for a night or a month - they are treated the same as our own.  They're members of the family!

No crates - no gates.  No time alone in a kennel.

In the morning, we all go to work together and in the evening, we all go home together!

Where do they sleep?  Wherever they want to!

Within reason, of course.  They'll have the option of sleeping in the living room on the the bedroom on the floor ...or right up in bed with the rest of us! But, no, not in the tub -  that's a little too wierd...

We keep the costs reasonable, too, with no "extra" charges for things like giving treats, going for walks, or administering meds.


A day of supervision and lots of buddies to play with is so much better that being home... all alone.

Most dogs benefit from socialization.  It can help old dogs stay young and more active, and young pups learn manners from their elders in a very natural way.

Some babies come every day while mom and dad are at work... some come once a week to play while mom is out running errands.