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Hearing Aids & Hearing Testing at ReNewed Hearing Solutions in Hershey, PA
Hearing Aids & Hearing Testing at ReNewed Hearing Solutions in Hershey, PA

If you have hearing loss and need hearing aids or hearing testing in Hershey, Hummelstown, Harrisburg, Middletown, Grantville, Camp Hill or Mechanicsburg, PA call or stop in at ReNewed Hearing Solutions. 

To get the best professional hearing aids, hearing testing and hearing care Renewed Hearing Solutions has 2 convenient locations.  The Hummelstown Office is located at 112 East Main Street, Hummelstown, PA 17036 minutes from Hershey, Elizabethotwn, Harrisburg, Middletown, Grantville, & Palmyra, PA.   The Mechanicsburg Office on the West Shore is located at 817 South Market Street, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 and is convenient to all areas on the West Shore including Camp Hill, East Pennsboro, Enola, Lemoyne, New Cumberland, Wormleysburg and Shiremanstown, PA.

At ReNewed Hearing Solutions we know that few things are more important than being able to fully hear the precious sounds you cherish. If you or a loved one has been experiencing hearing loss, ringing in the ears or other difficulties in understanding speech, we are your first step to better hearing. We offer affordable hearing solutions that utilize the most advanced technology available. Our expert teams of professionals are dedicated to comprehensive follow-up care. We look forward to doing our best for you or a iloved one so you can hear life to the fullest.

Our Hearing Aides

Audibel is a Starkey Hearing Technologies brand. Recognized across the globe as a premier provider of hearing healthcare, Starkey Hearing Technologies is the only privately held and American-owned company in its industry. All asssemblies and repair are done in the United States.

Our Best Promise

We Guarantee the Lowest Prices on Hearing Aids and Hearing Services!

Our Commitment

Our commitment to patient care was built around the mutual agreement of honor, integrity and trust with each patient. As a part of the nationwide Audibel network, we aim to provide the greatest hearing care experience possible by abiding to the following standards that define Hearing Independence:

Comprehensive Evaluation

We evaluate your hearing, communication needs and goals for your life.  Recommend Only What Needs Recommending.

Because we evaluate all your hearing and communication needs, we will recommend a treatment plan that is unique to you and designed to meet your needs.

Clear Understanding of the Hearing Journey and Results

We make sure that you understand what steps will be taken on your journey to better hearing and what the realistic outcomes are for those steps.

Seeing and Hearing the Benefit

We will verify that the hearing instruments and accessories that go with them are working and provide the benefit that you need. This verification may be done through several clinically adopted tools such as Real Ear Measurement, Speech Mapping or Sound Field Verification.

Treatment is more Than Just an Office Visit

 We work with you to create a long-term treatment plan, define follow-up appointments, perform regular ongoing evaluations, and any additional care that you may need to make sure you stay satisfied with your hearing in the years to come.

Warranty for One, Warranty for All

When you work with Audibel, you are working not only with your local hearing healthcare professionals, but also the national network that will honor the warranty and support and service guarantees on all Audibel products.

Commitment for a Lifetime

All Audibel products receive free cleanings and testing for their lifetime.

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Just a couple of Renewed Hearing Solutions Testimonials. Visit their website for more.

You can get a hearing aid anywhere today, this is my 5th set, what matters most is the follow up and if they care enough that you are hearing the best you can. Maryanne and her team are wonderful, I recommend them to everyone

Jacques Lussier

I didn’t know what I was missing until I got my NuEar hearing aids.  Heather and the office personnel are extremely informative, helpful and pleasant.  I highly recommend them to everyone.

Linda Smitley

Our Professionals

Maryanne Knaub H.I.S

Heather Sollenberger H.I.S.

2 Locations to Serve Your Better!

Hummelstown Office  717-298-6170

112 East Main Street, Hummelstown, PA 17036

Mechanisburg Office 717-312-4865

817 South Market Street, Mechanicsburg, PA, 17055


When you come to our offices you can expect:

  •    Free Hearing Evaluation and Consultation
  •     Find out what you’re hearing and what you’re not!
  •     Free Hearing Aid Product Demonstrations
  •     Hear for yourself what hearing aids can do for you.
  •     Free Hearing Aid Check-Ups
  •     We provide comprehensive follow-up care. We truly value our patients. Other practices do not offer free check-ups. A hearing aid requires continued maintenance to work at its fullest potential. Make sure you know what is included before you buy.
  •     Unmatched Patient Satisfaction
  •     Affordable Hearing Aids
  •     We offer a wide range of hearing aids that work for nearly anyone's lifestyle and budget. Visit our Promotions Page to print off coupons.
  •     Custom earmold impressions for noise protection, musician molds, swim molds and more.
  •     Hearing aid batteries
  •     Assistive listening devices
  •     Continued hearing health care