Zeager Bros. Inc.

Mulch & Leaf Compost in Harrisburg, PA Area-Zeager Bros. Inc.
Mulch & Leaf Compost in Harrisburg, PA Area-Zeager Bros. Inc.

Buy Direct and Save on Black Mulch, Brown Mulch, Leaf Compost, Topsoil and Mulch Delivery in Middletown, Hershey, Hummelstown, Harrisburg, Linglestown, Elizabethtown, Mount Joy, Grantville, PA and surrounding areas from Zeager.

Zeager offers decorative mulch and topsoil delivery to homeowners and businesses. Since the early 70's, Zeager has been making mulch and landscape products including composted mulches to colored mulches, available in Black and Brown. Their products are available for pick-up or will be delivered to you fast with dependable drivers and excellent customer service.

Retail Mulch

Buy Direct & Save on mulch, mulch delivery and leaf compost! Their  mulch is available in Black & Brown. It is attractive, long lasting, high quality mulch that adds beauty and variety to your landscape. It is made from recycled wood and the colorants are natural and non-toxic.

Zeager is conveniently located on Rt. 230 in Middletown in Dauphin County only minutes, from Elizabethtown, Grantville, Harrisburg, Hershey,  Lingelstown, and Mount Joy.


Searching for a premium screened topsoil mix? Zeager has the perfect topsoil for building a garden or for re-seeding a lawn. Their topsoil is available for pickup or we will deliver to your home or business.

Wholesale Mulch

Zeager has been a leader in the mulch industry for over 35 years. There are some who claim they are cheaper than us, but let's consider what that may cost you? If you're a wholesaler, you can't afford not to have inventory in your bins to sell! Or what happens when the next load of color enhanced mulch you get isn't the same shade as last week's delivery? We may not be the cheapest, but we are the best value. So before you shop around, consider what benefits you will have by dealing with experienced sales people, trucks that bring you the volume of material you paid for and drivers that don't make you feel like they're doing you a favor when they show up at your yard.  When experience, know-how and quality count, call Zeager!


Zeager Bros Inc. can provide your home, school or business with WoodCarpet a clean engineered safety mulch for playground surfaces, play areas and trails.


Color Enhanced Mulch

Attractive, long lasting, high quality mulch that adds beauty and variety to your landscape. It is made from recycled wood and the colorants are natural and non-toxic. Available in Black, Coffee and Brown.

Naturally Aged Mulch

Their naturally aged mulch is available in two mixes. Natural #1 mulch, consisting of hardwood bark, wood chips and whole tree grindings, triple ground and processed through our grinding and screening equipment. Natural #2 mulch, consisting of woodchips and whole tree grindings, double ground and processed through their grinding and screening equipment. Both of these mulches are all-natural products with no chemicals added and are aged from six months to one year.

Soil Enhancers

Rejuvenate your soils by adding Leaf Compost or Planting Mulch as a soil enhancer. Leaf compost is one of purest forms by which you can add nutrients to your plants environment. Planting Mulch is higher in plant available nitrogen, is tested to compost standards and is all-natural and plant derived with no manures added.

Playgrounds, Playground Surfaces & Trail Surfaces

Zeager Bros Inc. engineered wood fiber "WoodCarpet" for playgrounds is all natural and made from renewable materials. As a green product, they use 100% pre-consumer materials. This means a clean, safe product for your children to play on.

WoodCarpet is all natural and certified for playground safety and certified free of metal. An 8-inch dept is recommended for play structures up to 8 feet high and 12 inches is recommended for structures up to 12 feet high.

WoodCarpet is a 100% natural, playground surfacing specially designed to improve safety during falls.  Zeager Bros Inc. only uses the highest quality material, along with the strictest quality standards to provide the highest levels of safety for your family. While many homeowners refer to it as mulch, or woodchips, only WoodCarpet provides safety from falls, excellent drainage, as well as accessibility for all abilities.

WoodCarpet is Natural, Durable and Affordable!


Zeager is one of the largest mulch producers on the east coast utilizing post consumer wood products and pre-consumer wood to manufacture naturally aged mulches and color enhanced mulches for the landscape industry. They serve PA, DE, NJ and MD from our Pennsylvania location.  ”Their customers include Homeowners, Farms, Landscape Companies, Garden Centers, Schools, Municipalities and Military Bases."

Retail & Wholesale Mulch, Leaf Compost and Topsoil Delivery!