Aden Brook

Quality Hay & Straw in Montgomery, NY-Aden Brook
Quality Hay & Straw in Montgomery, NY-Aden Brook

Aden Brook Farm located at 506 Route 416 in Montgomery, NY is a premier source for quality hay, straw and bedding products for their local customers and customers within their delivery region.  At Aden Brook, they locally produce every grade and type of hay needed, and with 20 years experience, they  have handled almost every type of hay delivery, quantity and quality request. 

Whether you are a large or small customer Aden Brook is a premier source of Hay, Straw and Bedding - so you can depend on them for personal service catered to your specific needs. 

More importantly, at Aden Brook they are dedicated to producing and sourcing every grade and type of hay & straw needed, and providing that product to their customers in the right size bale - and with the right size and type delivery to suit their needs efficiently year round.

With over 2 decades of experience serving customers in the Equine, Dairy, Construction, Government and Retail, Aden Brook Farm in Montgomery, NY is looking forward to providing all of your hay, straw, bedding and trucking delivery needs. 

Aden Brook is also a wholesale distributor of Straw and Hay for erosion control, seeding and other uses. No matter how large or small your specific supply needs are, they have the product, inventory, expertise, equipment and trucking services to deliver your orders consistently and professionally.

LOAD SIZES - To accommodate the needs of our various customers from the smallest to the largest, the Aden Brook fleet of trucks are designed to haul almost any size delivery. Please call ahead for specific delivery truck and equipment applications to/for your specific needs.

EVENTS - Aden Brook has over 14 years experience supplying horse shows, fairs, races, photo shoots and events where large or small volumes of product are needed. Working with various organizations over the years they understand the needs, flexibility and time sensitivity that it takes to supply an event where product quantities can at times be a last minute decision.




  • Alfalfa
  • Timothy
  • Mixed Hay
  • Orchard
  • Clover
  • Triticale
  • Sweet Hay
  • Shavings


  • Bright Wheat Straw Large Square Bales - Weed Free Certified
  • Bright Wheat Straw 2 String Bales - Weed Free Certified
  • Bright Wheat Straw 3 Strapped Small Bales - Weed Free Certified
  • Mulch Hay in Large Square, Small Square or Round Bales
  • Premium Mixed Hay Choices
  • Large Flake Shavings


  • Show Horses
  • Pleasure Horses
  • Breeding Farms
  • Dairy & Livestock
  • Construction & Environmental
  • Retail Stores
  • Straw Home Construction
  • Sheep & Goats
  • Manufacturing


  • Rubber Stall Mats
  • Cement Jersey Barriers
  • Wood Bale Stakes


  • Trucking & Transporting Services
  • Grinding Services
  • Storage Trailer Rentals
  • Professional Grade Hay Elevator Rentals
  • Model 1E Aden Brook Loader Bale Spears Rental
  • Model 2S Aden Brook Skid Steer Bale Spears Rental 

Aden Brook Trucking Services: Aden Brook offers 53’ stepdeck and 53’ van trucking services on certain lanes as a backhaul for their empty trucks, they prefer to haul equipment, lumber or dry van freight and their stepdeck trailers are equipped with ramps for unloading.

Aden Brook Storage Trailers: Aden Brook offers rental storage trailers to customers in the NY and West Palm Beach FL area, and they have a fleet of 53’ dry vans and 28’ pup trailers that they can deliver to your site to be used as temporary storage for all types of products. Charges include a delivery fee and monthly rental rate. 

Aden Brook Grinding Services: Aden Brook offers grinding services to their customers in the NY, CT and PA area, and they also travel longer distance to sites in VT, MA, CT, NJ, DE, MD, PA and OH when the job is large enough.

The Aden Brook Grinder is a 1000HP CAT Powered Hay-buster capable of grinding hay at a rate of 35 tons per hour and high moisture corn at a rate of 150 tons per hour, and they thave multiple screen sizes available to adjust the machine and grind to exactly the consistency you want. Their stacking belt easily piles hay, straw or grain in a commodity shed or outside pile neatly. 

Common Materials for Grinding:

  • Hay
  • Straw
  • Corn and Soybean Stalks
  • High moisture or dry corn
  • Baleage
  • Corn cobbs
  • Any type of grain
  • Wood chips
  • Leaves
  • Straw and horse manure mixed
  • Compost products (free of rocks and metal)