Montgomery Montessori School

Montgomery Montessori School
About Us!
Montgomery Montessori School is a "Private School" located in Orange County, NY. We are members of The American Montessori Association (AMS). Our program encompasses a  Primary (3yr-5yr old), Elementary I Program (1st-2nd), Elementary II Program (3rd-5th), and Middle School Program (6th-8th). We offer half day (3 days, 4 days, 5 days) and full day programs in our Primary classroom. Each program has a strong academic foundation while incorporating all the state requirements for Kindergarten as well as the Elementary and Middle School Programs (grades 1 - 8).  We are committed to the "whole child" approach to education as well as the enrichment of the mind, body, and spirit.  To achieve this task,  Montgomery  Montessori School stands on the four pillars of Montessori Education:
Academic Excellence - creating joyful, life-long scholars 
Universal Values - teaching our children those values, which are common to all cultures such as: dignity, kindness, respect, and generosity 
Global Understanding - teaching our children to appreciate and understand other cultures 
Service - we believe all children should be taught to give as well as receive and to be a part of a larger community. 


136 Clinton Street
Montgomery, NY, 12549