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Hearing Aids-Audiologists at Lyric Audiology in Monroe, NY
Hearing Aids-Audiologists at Lyric Audiology in Monroe, NY

Lyric Audiology located at 259 Route 17K in Newburgh, NY is a local hearing health care center that treats tinnitus, gradual hearing loss and hearing issues to their patients through comprehensive hearing testing, tinnitus evaluation and assessment & aural rehabilitation services to their local patients in Monroe, Montgomery, Newburgh, New Windsor, Middletown, Washingtonville, and Cornwall area.

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Zoom Class Interest Group - Healthy Hearing and You:

Getting older does not necessarily mean losing your hearing. We will discuss ways of keeping your ears as young and healthy as you and what to do if you start having trouble hearing. Topics to discuss can include hearing, tinnitus, hearing aids, issues, and whatever else you feel is important to know about your ears and hearing.

Led by Harriet J., Audiologist

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Lyric Audiology was established in 2007 with the goal of providing complete hearing healthcare to the Orange County, NY community. Through their unique Patient-Centric Approach, they listen to you and ask questions to fully understand your personal hearing needs.

More importantly, they combine the information you provide with the results of your hearing and tinnitus evaluations to create customized hearing and tinnitus solutions. Also, they offer a wide selection of the best hearing aids, treatment options and assistive technology available, so their recommendations are unbiased - and are personally suited for your unique situation.

At Lyric Audiology & Tinnitus Center their number one goal is to provide complete hearing healthcare & aural rehab services to their customers in the Monroe, Harriman, Chester, Sugar Loaf, Goshen, Cornwall, Cornwall on Hudson, Washingtonville, Montgomery, Walden, Maybrook, Campbell Hall, Rock Tavern, Hamptonburgh, Highland Mills, Central Valley, Circleville, Scotchtown and the greater Orange County NY area.

At Lyric Audiology & Tinnitus Center in Monroe, NY they listen to you and ask the right questions to fully understand your total hearing needs, and then they combine the information you provide with the results of your hearing and tinnitus evaluations, to create a customized hearing and tinnitus solution to meet your personal hearing needs.

Lyric Audiology & Tinnitus Center offers a wide selection of the best hearing aids, treatment options and assistive technology available, so their recommendations are unbiased and are personally suited for your unique situation.

Lyric Audiology...Bringing Words and Music to Your Ears!

                                        Mission Statement:  

Lyric Audiology will work honestly and diligently to provide the highest caliber of services to our patients and their families. More importantly, they aim to treat the whole person, and not just the hearing loss - thus improving quality of life for both the patient and their loved ones. 
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Lyric Audiology is the exclusive provider of Levo Medical tinnitus relief therapy solutions in Orange County, NY. The Levo System is an FDA-cleared medical device for overnight use with purpose-built high fidelity earbuds, designed to ensure comfort while you sleep.

Developed by an international team of world-class neuroscientists, clinicians, business professionals, and patients, their FDA-cleared patented technology and sound therapy system is convenient and efficient, giving you the freedom to live your life fully, without disruption. 


Info on Levo Medical Tinnitus Link:


  • Comprehensive Hearing Testing Available - Comprehensive testing is the process of collecting information needed in order to make appropriate referrals to a physician or to fit hearing aids.
  • Tinnitus Assessment and Treatment - A comprehensive program to evaluate and help you manage your tinnitus. 
  • Aural Rehabilitation - The Aural Rehabilitation programs are designed to assist hearing aid users to improve their ability to communicate with and without their hearing instruments.
  • Hearing Protection - Ask your Hearing Care Professional for information on custom hearing protection — the best way to ensure your hearing aids are protected.
  • Specialist in Pediatrics - The Audiologist on staff is specialist in testing and fitting children over the age of five years.
  • Hearing Aid Repair Services - All Makes and Brands. As part of our commitment to making sure you get the best care possible, Lyric Audiology offers simple in-office repairs and manufacturer repairs for all makes and brands.
  • Hearing Aid Financing Available - Lyric Audiology has one of the widest selections of hearing aids, and we are able to offer you options at different prices to fit your budget. We have a variety of convenient financing options to help.  We also accept major credit cards and most major insurances.
  • Auditory Processing Evaluations - Sometimes your difficulties may not be a hearing problem, but a processing difficulty.  We offer a full evaluation as well as treatment options.

Dr. Harriet B. Jacobster, AuD. Doctor of Audiology - Harriet Jacobster, Au.D., is an ASHA Certified Doctor of Audiology with 25 years of experience working with various groups in diagnostics, hearing aid and rehabilitation services. She earned her Doctor of Audiology from Nova Southeastern University, Florida, with a specialty in advanced diagnostic techniques. She is also an accomplished musician. Dr. Jacobster has been working closely with the American Tinnitus Association to help raise awareness and bring hope to people with tinnitus and their families, recently she was chosen as the Guest Healthcare Professional for the Summer edition of Tinnitus Today, the publication of the ATA.