NJ Department of Education

NJ Department of Education

The New Jersey Department of Education is located in Trenton NJ. 

Choose the best possible education for your child.

By learning more about education, and becoming aware of your parental rights and responsibilities together with your child's educational options and opportunities, you CAN obtain the best possible education for your children.

Pursue the best education possible.

To gain the best possible education, students are invited to explore the relevant state expectations and requirements, especially the curriculum standards and proficiency assessments, as well as the available alternatives for completing these requirements. Here students may also learn about award opportunities, and important information concerning health, safety and security while in school.

Support the best possible education for our children.

We invite members of the community to better understand New Jersey's educational system, and support a thorough and efficient education for every one of our children.


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Trenton, NJ, 08625