Lancaster County Purchasing Department

Lancaster County Purchasing Department

The County Commissioners are the fiscal managers of County government with full responsibility for assuring that County government runs efficiently and effectively at the lowest cost commensurate with the priorities of the County. The County Commissioners are solely responsible for the use and expenditure of all funds under County control. While the County Commissioners have the legal authority to purchase all material, supplies, services and equipment under the provisions of the County Code, they may and have delegated the Purchasing function to a Purchasing Director.

The Purchasing Department is responsible for managing the County acquisition program including: the procurement of suitable materials, supplies, equipment, construction and services for all County government departments at the best value and in compliance with applicable laws and prudent business practice; the establishment of policies and procedures for centralized procurement; the operation of a central supply office and warehouse; the reuse or disposal of excess/surplus property; and the coordination of joint purchases through the Lancaster County Cooperative Purchasing Board, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Counties Cooperative Purchasing Board and the Pennsylvania League of Cities' Local Piggy-Back Purchasing Program.

The goal of the Purchasing Department is to procure materials, supplies, equipment construction and services to meet minimum essential needs of County departments and elected officials at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality needed for the proper and effective operation of County government. The goal is achieved through competitive purchases using either formal Bids and Proposals or informal quotes. All purchases in excess of $18,500 must be publicly bid. Informal quotes may be used for purchases under $18,500. Formal proposals may be used for purchase of Professional Services with a cost over $18,500.

Note: The Director of the Lancaster County Purchasing Department is appointed by the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners


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