Rate of Force Strength & Conditioning

Sports Development Gym in Montgomery, NY-Rate of Force Strength & Conditioning
Sports Development Gym in Montgomery, NY-Rate of Force Strength & Conditioning

Rate of Force Strength & Fitness Conditioning located at 2557 Route 17K in Montgomery, NY is a strength training & conditioning and fitness training & sports development gym that specializes in sports training and performance enhancement for athletes in Pine Bush, Montgomery, Bullville, Middletown, Scotchtown, Circleville, Bloomingburg, Wurtsboro, Town of Mamakating, and surrounding local communities.

Rate of Force Strength & Fitness Conditioning provides quality custom physical assessments and personal training & physical rehabilitation services, and is a local professional sports conditioning and physical preparation & training center where serious athletes can focus on specific strength & conditioning exercises to help enhance their sports performance skills, so as to excell in their sport of choice. 

Through video analysis and functional movement screenings, the professionally trained fitness staff at Rate of Force Strength & Fitness Conditioning can isolate and focus on areas of concern; and with a custom physicall assessment, help customize an exercise routine that will more quickly and efficiently help the athlete acheive their fitness goals.

NOW FEATURING HITTRAX! Rate Of Force is now the exclusive training facility in the mid Hudson Valley area featuring HitTrax simulated baseball training, which utilizes the same core computer vision technology that is used by MLB organizations for training major league players.

This new advanced training platform utilizes the same core computer vision technology that allows the player the opportunity to collect advanced hitting metrics and video analysis in real-time, with an extremely intuitive user-interface.via a touch-screen interface. Players can also participate in online tournaments directly from their home courtesy of the HitTrax remote gaming services.

Rate of Force in Montgomery, NY also specializes in weight loss, injury prevention, corrective exercises and physical rehabilitation instruction for athletes on the mend.

Rate of Force Strength & Conditioning is open to athletes at all levels, and they also feature complete adult fitness programs, a specialized baseball conbine, arm care programs, video analysis and body fat composition screening using state of the art ultra sound technology. 

More importantly, the trainers at Rate of Force are university educated and focused their studies & training on professional fitness training  - to the benefit of Rate of Force and their training and sports conditioning members.


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  • Sports Performance Enhancement
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Injury Prevention
  • Weight Loss
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Video Analysis
  • Body Fat Composition using Ultra Sound Technology
  • Physical Preparation & Training
  • Arm Care Programs
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Functional Movement Screening
  • Sports Combine
  • Specialized Baseball Combine Program
  • Batting Cages
  • Batting Cage Rentals
  • Batting Cage Lessons & Instruction
  • Adult Fitness
  • Custom Physical Assessment
  • Open to Athletes of ALL levels
  • Profession University Educated Staff

Recovery is like a hole and each time you dig yourself deeper, you make it harder to climb out. The only way to fill the hole back in is with more food and more rest. If you overdo it in the gym, you’ll need more rest - that means you won’t be able to train as often and at as high a capacity. Which also means you won’t build muscle quite as fast.

At Rate of Force, they take the guess work out with properly designed work outs and strength training programs.

Rate of Force Trainers will take you to the brink, but they know when to back you down! Let them show you how a proper and customized strength training program will take your gains to the next level!