Huber's Animal Health Supplies

Pet Supplies-Pet Food-Animal Feed in Lebanon & Myerstown, PA Area
Pet Supplies-Pet Food-Animal Feed in Lebanon & Myerstown, PA Area

For the Largest Variety of Pet Foods, Dog Foods, Cat Foods, Animal Feeds, Bird Seed and Pet Supplies in Lebanon, Myerstown, Reading, PA and surrounding areas visit Huber’s Animal Health Food Supplies. Conveniently located just off Route 422 in Myerstown only minutes from Lebanon, Reading, Ephrata, Palmyra and Lancaster, PA.

At Huber’s Animal Health Supplies  you will find the best Premium, Natural, Organic, Healthy, Wellness, Grain Free, Pet Foods, Animal Foods and/or Supplies for your Dogs, Cats, Birds, Rabbits, Chickens, Goats, Sheep, Cattle, Horses, Equines, Alpaca, Livestock, Pot Belly Pigs, Ferrets and Hamsters.

“Big or Small Huber’s has Food & Supplies for Them All”

If you’re looking for Brands name foods that you can trust look no further; Huber’s stocks Black Gold Premium Dog Food, Sportsman’s Pride Dog, Cat & Puppy Food, Hunter’s Special Dog Food, Pet Life Dog & Cat Food, Eukanuba Dog & Cat Food, IAMS Dog & Cat Foods, Hubbard Life Foods & Feeds, Natural Balance Dog & Cat Foods, KAYTEE Wildlife & Fish Foods, Brown’s Products for Pets & Wildlife, LM Animal Farms, Tetra Pond Fish Food, Corid Medicated Feeds, Impextraco Feeds, Redmond Livestock Minerals, Sweetlix Nutrional Supplements, Natural Pine Bedding and many more quality brand products.

Low Overhead- Low Prices

Quality Brand Name Pet Foods, Animal Feeds, Fish Food & Wild Bird Seed!

Looking for an "Affordable Deer Hunting Blinds" In Lebanon, Berks, Dauphin or Lancaster County, PA? Check out 360 Hunting Blinds at Hubers Animal Health Supplies. Ideal for gun or archery hunting.

Hubers Animal Health Food Supply stocks a large variety of Boots for Farming, Hunting, Hiking, Landscaping & Safety!  You will find famous brands like Muck, Dryshod, Tingley & Treds.



Premium, Natural, Organic, Wellness, Grain and Gluten Free Pet Food, Dog Food,  Puppy food, Cat Food, Bird Seed, & Animal Feeds

Pocket Pet Food & Supplies

Large selection of food and supplies for your Pocket Pets and Rodents including Rabbits, Hamsters, Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils, Mice & Rats.

Bird Food, Seed & Supplies

Bird seed and supplies for Household and Wild Birds including; Parakeets, Parrots, Cockatiels, African greys, Budgies, Conures, and Cockatoos.

Animal Feeds & Food

Livestock Feed for Horses, Equine, Cattle, Pigs, Pot Belly Pigs, Goats, Chickens and Alpaca.

Horse & Equine Supplies, Protection & Accessories

Everything you need including horse wormers, food additives, shampoos, fly masks, sprays, boots and wraps,

Livestock Grooming & Show Products

Featuring Sullivan Supply Products, Mane n’ Tail Shampoo & Sore-No More Shampoo for Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Goats and Pigs.

Deer Minerals, Attractants & Feed

A large selection of deer minerals and attractants of brands you can trust including White Tail Institute, Luck Buck, Trophy Rock and more.

PetSafe- Pet Fencing & Training Products

In ground and wireless pet containment systems. Remote and electronic training collars. Bark control collars and devices.

Veterinary Products

Find a large variety of veterinary supplies and products.  Absorbine veterinary liniment.

Lawn & Garden

You will find a large selection of lawn & garden equipment and supplies including tools and accessories.

360 Hunting Blinds

Check out 360 Hunting Blinds at Hubers Animal Health Supplies. With solid wood frame construction and seamless acrylic roof, the 360 Series is built to provide hunters with many seasons of comfortable, weather proof hunting.

Tired of sitting? Stand fully upright in the spacious 6 foot 6 inch high interior.

Their twelve by eighteen inch tinted windows feature a window raising mechanism - a perfectly silent, one handed operation that is ideal for gun or archery hunting.

360 Hunting Blinds are resistant to wildlife and weather damage.

Standard Features:

  •     Twelve 12”x18” tinted gun/crossbow windows
  •     12”x32” Archery window(s)
  •     One 18”x12” window in door
  •     Lockable door latch
  •     4"x12" peep windows
  •     Four, 4x4 pockets for stand posts
  •     Padded shooting rails at each window
  •     Resistant to wildlife and weather damage

Livestock Water Systems

Drinking Post WATERER

The drinking post waterer is a non-electric, frost-free horse and livestock waterer that will save you both time and money – not to mention clean, 50° water year-round.  Eliminate stagnant, standing water with Drinking Post.  Fresh, clean water with every use.  Cool in the summer, warm in the winter. No electricity, no cement pad, no problem!  The Drinking Post can be installed anywhere you have a pressurized water line.

MIRACO Livestock Water System

Originators of insulated poly waterers. Animal waterers for horse, cattle (dairy and beef), goats, sheep, and more! Miraco’s waterers feature Polyethylene construction, tough, high-impact resistant “Rockite” material, durability to stand up to livestock abuse, resistance to corrosion and more.

Wood Pellets for Wood Pellet Stoves

Lignetics® Gold & Premium Quality Wood Fuel Pellets

Lignetics® Gold premium wood pellets are made from recycled, renewable sawmill waste. Our wood pellets contain all-natural biomass products and are manufactured at the highest quality control levels, designating our wood pellets fuel as premium grade. They produce a consistent, high BTU output and produce less than one percent ash. This translates to a hotter, more efficient burn, which means less wood pellets burned, fewer wood pellets purchased, less space needed for storage, fewer trips to the wood pellet hopper and less waste to clean up.

Wood Pellets for Gas, Charcoal Grills & Smokers  

Bear Mountain BBQ Wood Pellets

Bear Mountain BBQ, offers a full range of premium flavored BBQ wood pellets for pellet, gas and charcoal grills and smokers, created with a blended choice of 100% all natural hardwoods. You will experience a real wood-fired flavor like never before!

Wood Pellets for Animal Bedding

EZ Equine 100% Natural Pine Pellet Bedding

Highly Absorbent, Convenient, All-Natural Animal Bedding. EZ Equine premium pelletized animal bedding is from 100% biodegradable raw, white, soft pine that is kiln-dried and pure of any additives, binders or chemicals. Our kiln-drying process eliminates all insects, mold and bacteria, to create a pure, and extremely sanitary product.  Each pellet contains less then 5% moisture content, and acts as a mini sponge in your stall, absorbing four times it's weight in liquid.

Boots for Farming, Hunting, Hiking, Landscaping & Safety!

Muck Boots: The Original Muck Boot Company

Authentic, Comfortable & Reliable Boots Since 1999. 100% waterproof, and 100% comfortable, with rugged outsoles, stabilizing midsoles and full neoprene insulation for long days on your feet.

Boots for Gardening, Cold Weather, Rain, Outdoor Activity, Work, Equestrian & Hunting.

Dryshod Waterproof Footwear

The World's Most Wearable Rubber Boots. 100% waterproof top to bottom. Flexible, state-of-the-art materials allow for athletic-shoe sizing for a fit you just can’t find in any other rubber boot. Exclusive Densoprene neoprene is a drysuit material known for lightweight maneuverability and insulation without bulk. Hydrokote water repellent coating eliminates soaked or iced-up neoprene and rotting due to farm chemicals.

Tuffy Kid's All Conditions Boot

The Tuffy Kid's boot is a Waterproof, All Season, Outdoor Kid's Sport Boot. Rugged protection for active kids!

Tingley Boots & Rubbers

Neoprene rubber work boots is one of the most comfortable fitting rubber work boots available.

Over the Shoe

Tingley offers the broadest selection of injection molded over-the-shoe footwear in the industry

Our line of overshoes offers options of materials and styles that are both waterproof and chemical-proof to meet a wide range of protection and application requirements

Over the Sock

Tingley offers over the sock footwear in a variety of materials.

Treds 12" Overboots

Ideal for use while farming, landscaping or any outdoor work. Almost impossible to puncture or tear.