North Lebanon Twp- Rural Security Fire Company (non-emergency)

North Lebanon Twp- Rural Security Fire Company (non-emergency)

The Rural Security Fire Company in Lebanon PA serves North Lebanon Township and the surrounding area.

On May 24,1955, a group of concerned residents of the Reinoehlsville and Sunset areas met and formed the Rural Security Fire Company chartered by the State of Pennsylvania.  The first officers were elected and approved at this time.

In the ensuing months the membership considered three property sites.  After many discussions, the choice was made to to purchase the old Reinoehlsville Schoolhouse property from Mr. Cikovic on the terms of $200 down and the balance at 5% interest as seen fit for the total price of $1800.  Through the generous donations of property owners in the area, the property was bought.  After the sale, the building was made suitable by using material from the second floor to repair the first floor at no cost to the company.

Being established in our own building, the next order was to plan and work to come an active fire fighting unit.  The company joined the Lebanon County Fireman's Association in June 1956 and attended it's first Fire School Training Session. An American Flag from was donated by The American Legion Post 158, Lebanon, and a festival was held in August to raise funds.  A foundation for an addition to the schoolhouse was laid as a building to house a fire truck.  The addition was a 20' wide by 48' long cement block building joined on the north side of the existing building.  The construction cost just under $2000 for materials, and the labor was donated at no cost by the members through their time and efforts.  During the same period,  there was an arrangement made with the Bethel Fire Company to purchase their old fire truck.  A 1938 Chevrolet Pumper with a front mounted 500 gallon per minute pump and limited fire fighting equipment was purchased with an agreement of $1200 on delivery.  At this time, there was a need to go into debt.  The company borrowed the money from a local bank to pay for the building and the fire truck.

In October 1959, the company joined the Pennsylvania State Fireman's Association.  In March 1960 the company joined the North and South Lebanon Fireman's Relief for the protection of the active firemen in case of injury or death.  The company also held two festivals that year (June 25 and August 6) to raise more needed funds.  In October the company voted and allowed Junior Firemen in to membership.

In 1962, the house siren was hooked up to the Civil Defense Control System.  In 1963 the kitchen facility was remodeled to assist the ladies auxiliary in the fundraising efforts for the company.  In November 1964 the company acquired a used surplus tractor from the Civil Defense to pull the water tanker and the building was again remodeled to make the meeting room larger.  In July the two way radio was installed in the tanker.

The current officers and members of the Rural Security Fire Company would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to those who were responsible for the forming of the Company.  They have spent years of dedicated service in building a Company aimed at serving the community in which they live. It is our goal to uphold the high standards of fire protection, fire prevention and community service that those individuals did that make the Company what it is today.


1301 North Seventh Street
Lebanon, PA, 17046