Sensenig Poultry

Lancaster Meat Market-Butcher Shop in Lititz, PA-Sensenig Poultry
Lancaster Meat Market-Butcher Shop in Lititz, PA-Sensenig Poultry

Sensenig Poultry of Lititz, PA, is a family-owned and operated butcher shop and meat market for locally sourced poultry and specialty foods​ serving the community of Lititz and Lancaster area including Manheim, East Petersburg, Hempfield, Landisville and other surrounding areas. They are purveyors of poultry, meat products and other fine foods including their own farm raised turkeys.

Sensenig Poultry sells fresh poultry, sausage, bulk foods and prepared foods in Lititz, PA. Sensenig Poultry sells customers specialty foods including a full range of fresh and frozen meats, ingredient-rich casseroles, homemade frozen dishes, savory bbq, and a fully stocked market and delicatessen.

Sensenig Poultry's selection of restaurant quality meals are made from the finest ingredients. All prepared food is made fresh and include heating instructions for your convenience.Visit our prepared foods department today and bring home a delicious meal for you and your family.

Producing great old fashioned wholesome foods in the Lancaster County tradition, is their primary commitment to all of our customers.The Sensenig family has built the tradition of providing superior product quality and excellent customer service.

HOLIDAY COOKIES: A variety of fresh baked holiday cookies are available to order or purchase in the Lititz Store. Call for pricing.


All Natural Farm raised Turkeys and Poultry

Fresh Turkey

Fresh Chicken

Whole Smoked Turkeys

Other Poultry

Ducks, Geese, Capons, Pheasants, Guinea Hens, Rabbits- Fresh

Fresh Seasonal or Frozen

Suasage & Turkey Burgers

Fresh made Turkey Suasage regular, sweet or hot in many differnet varieties and a large selection of Turkey Burgers.

Main Entrees

Choose from a wide variety of fresh entrees including stuffed chicken breasts, chicken and turkey croquettes, chicken potpie, turkey or veggie lasagne, hamball, turkey meatballs and much more...


Experience every kind of casserole you can imagine. They are all prepared in their own kitchen. No eggs or milk in the stuffing. Foods are all low in cholestrol.


Ham, Broccoli, Asparagus, Lorraine and Broccoli & Ham.

Side Dishes, Homemade Soups & Salads


A great variety of fresh deli items including meat, cheese, homemade sweet bologna, snack sticks, homemade salads and a large selection of prepared foods.