Lancaster County Engineer

Lancaster County Engineer

The County Engineer is responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of County-owned buildings and facilities. This includes design and construction management for any proposed County facilities. Also, the County Engineer assists in locating and leasing space outside County buildings when required. The County Engineer provides technical advice, guidance and design assistance for miscellaneous projects that other departments may want to complete.

Engineering staff is responsible for the maintenance, repair and restoration of the County bridge system. This work includes annual inspections of all 62 County-owned bridges in compliance with the Federal bridge inspection program. In-house staff also performs all of the routine maintenance and repair work for all bridges. They also complete total restorations of the County's covered wooden bridges.

County Engineer's staff prepare State-mandated Act 167 Stormwater Management Plans for watersheds within Lancaster County using the County's GIS in combination with stormwater modeling software. The concept behind the plans is to address stormwater and flooding issues on a regional basis. Staff also provides reviews, comments and opinions on subdivision and land development plans for the Lancaster County Planning Commission.

Staff also provides administrative services to the Microfilm, Printing and Weights & Measures departments that are under the County Engineer's Office.


50 N. Duke St
P.O. Box 83480
Lancaster, PA, 17608

Hours of Service:

8:30 to 5:00